▷Why Install Artificial Grass In Your Garden Bonita?

Reasons To Install Artificial Grass In Your Garden In Bonita

Why Install Artificial Grass In Your Garden Bonita?

Artificial grass is an ideal replacement for grass in the garden, rather than being ‘fake’ it is actually made from environmentally friendly materials which are safe to walk on. Artificial grass looks just as good as real grass and is easily maintained with little or no maintenance required at all.

Low Maintenance

It’s very low maintenance. Although you may think that maintaining an artificial lawn will take a lot of your time it doesn’t have to. There is no cutting involved, no need for trimming or edging and not even any need to water it or get down on your hands and knees with expensive weed killer! Just sweep up the dead grass and leaves when they fall and you’re done.

It doesn’t require much maintenance at all. Artificial grass can last for many years with just a quick sweep of the leaves in autumn and it doesn’t require any upkeep during the winter months when you don’t want to be out there on your hands and knees clearing up leaves from your real lawn!


It’s green. Although many people believe that real grass is the green option it isn’t, when you consider all of the chemicals used to keep the grass healthy and the amount of water required over a number of years, an artificial lawn disappears in comparison.

It’s green! As well as not requiring any maintenance like real grass, artificial grass actually prevents rain water run-off which means less water goes into our rivers and ponds meaning conservation of water which is good for the environment!

It’s Safe

Artificial grass is a great option for families with pets as there is no chance of them ingesting any harmful chemicals or getting poked in the eye by a sharp stick, also it’s perfect for play areas and childrens’ playgrounds as there are no nasty substances to cause injury.

It Looks Great

There are so many colors, styles and varieties available in artificial grass that it can be tailored to suit your home perfectly. It also makes a great option for flat roofs and balconies where no natural vegetation is possible.

It’s Simple To Lay

Although many people feel that installing artificial grass by themselves would be extremely difficult, it really isn’t because it comes with an easy fixing kit to get you started. After watching a few how-to videos on You Tube or reading up some articles like this one, anyone can get it down in a few hours.

It’s Environmentally-Friendly

There is no need for harmful chemicals to keep the grass green, there are no pesticides needed and it doesn’t require masses of water to thrive making an artificial lawn extremely eco friendly and costing you less money than a real lawn in the long term.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Artificial grass is designed so that it looks just like natural grass but there are no expensive tools needed to cut it, in fact you can use scissors which makes it extremely cost effective.


So there you have it, all great reasons why you should install artificial grass in your garden. For our artificial grass services, contact Artificial Grass Bonita at (619) 404-2345.