▷How To Stick Down The Artificial Grass In Bonita?

Ways To Stick Down The Artificial Grass In Bonita

How To Stick Down The Artificial Grass In Bonita?Artificial grass is a great way to create an easy maintenance and low-cost lawn. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your garden with some turf, or use it in your sports facility, artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Once you have the right type of artificial grass installed, you need to make sure that it stays firmly in place by sticking it down. Here are 7 tips for making sure your artificial grass sticks fast and remains secure:

  • When it comes to gluing down your turf, don’t be stingy with the glue – using just enough won’t keep things secure. Make sure there is ample coverage so that all areas are secured properly.
  • If your turf is a bit wider than the area it’s being stuck down on, make sure to trim it before sticking. Otherwise, you could end up with an uneven finish that won’t be as secure.
  • Once you have applied the glue and cut back any excess grass, use a heavy item such as a roller to press down firmly and evenly over the entire area. This will help ensure your artificial grass sticks in place properly.
  • Take your time when sticking down the artificial grass and make sure not to rush so that everything has been secured correctly and evenly.
  • Make sure there are no air bubbles in between the grass and the sub-surface layer. If there are, you will need to cut them away and reapply glue.
  • A primer can help create a stronger bond between your grass and the substrate. Make sure to use it before applying your glue for extra security.
  • Take special care when sticking down any loose edges, making sure not to miss any areas or crevices that could cause issues over time.


What Do You Stick Artificial Grass Down With?

Most artificial grass is secured with an adhesive or glue. You can use a special turf adhesive, or any other strong-bonding adhesive that is suitable for outdoor use.

Do You Need To Stick Artificial Grass Down?

Yes, artificial grass needs to be secured with an adhesive or glue in order for it to remain secure and look its best. Without proper installation, your turf is likely to move and shift over time.

Should You Use A Primer?

Using a primer can help create a stronger bond between the sub-surface layer and your artificial grass. It’s worth considering if you want extra security when sticking down your turf.


It is important to take your time when sticking down artificial grass and make sure that it is secured properly with an adhesive or glue. Follow these tips for success, using a primer and something heavy to press down the turf firmly, so that you can be sure of a secure finish. For more information, contact, Artificial Grass Bonita at (619) 404-2345.