▷7 Best Things To Put Underneath Artificial Grass Bonita

What Are Best Things To Put Underneath Artificial Grass In Bonita?

7 Best Things To Put Underneath Artificial Grass BonitaArtificial grass has become an increasingly popular landscaping choice due to its low maintenance and attractive appearance. However, when it comes to laying the turf, many homeowners are unsure of what should be placed underneath. Here are 7 of the best things to put underneath artificial grass:

  1. A weed membrane is a great way to stop weeds from coming up through the artificial turf. This can be easily installed by cutting out necessary shapes and laying them down before installing the turf itself.
  2. An important part of any artificial grass is sand infill which helps to keep it upright and looking good for longer periods of time. Traditional silica sand should be spread evenly over the surface at around 25-30mm in depth before installation.
  3. When installing artificial turf over a hard surface, such as concrete or decking, it is important to create a cushion between them in order to avoid injuries from falls and slips. A shock absorbing pad is ideal for this purpose and can be easily laid down before the grass itself.
  4. A drainage layer helps to ensure that any rainwater drains away properly instead of collecting underneath the turf. This can be achieved through the use of an open cell foam which will allow water to pass through while still acting as a protective layer against weeds.
  5. Artificial turf requires something solid beneath it in order to hold it in place and prevent shifting over time. A layer of compacted soil should be laid down before the turf itself in order to create a solid foundation.
  6. Using landscape fabric beneath artificial grass can help to stop weeds from growing up underneath it and also helps to prevent any sharp objects such as stones and twigs from coming through the surface.
  7. If you’re laying your artificial turf over existing vegetation, it is important to create a separation layer using polythene or other similar material. This will help to ensure that the roots of plants do not break through the turf, causing unsightly patches and damage over time.


What Do You Put Under Artificial Grass On Soil?

The best thing to put under artificial grass on soil is a layer of compacted soil which will act as a solid foundation for the turf. It is important to ensure that this layer has been properly levelled before installation in order to avoid any areas of unevenness.

Do I Need To Use Sand With Artificial Grass?

Yes, it is necessary to use a layer of sand infill when installing artificial grass. This helps to keep the grass upright and looking good for longer periods of time while also providing drainage and cushioning against falls and slips.

How Do You Prepare The Base For Artificial Grass?

The base for artificial grass should be prepared by first removing any existing vegetation, laying down a layer of compacted soil and then spreading sand infill over the surface. Finally, a layer of weed membrane can be added to prevent weeds from coming up through the turf.


It is important to understand what should be laid underneath artificial grass in order to ensure a good quality installation that looks great and lasts for many years. For more information, contact Artificial Geass Bonita at (619) 404-2345.